Volunteer Opportunities


Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering with the Hutchison Animal Shelter

We welcome volunteers as young as 12 (with a parent or guardian), and offer several different volunteer opportunities.

To get started, please take this time to fill out our Volunteer Application

You are also more than welcome to visit the shelter during our open hours and request a Paper Volunteer Application. 

Have a unique group of volunteers or unique volunteer idea please contact our volunteer department at animalshelter@hutchgov.com

Some of the Hutchinson Animal Shelter volunteers duties may include:

  • Socializing/Playing with cats - don't forget the cats! We need help getting some of the cats out of their kennels to play and expend energy or some just want to cuddle in your lap for a while.
  • Walking dogs - walking the dogs is not only great for the dogs but great for you! You can take them for a walk to the park or just some great play time out in the play yard.
  • Grooming - want to help bathe some dogs? No professional expertise needed. This helps the dogs feel and look better to find their forever home.
  • Photographer - great pictures bring in adopters! No professional expertise needed. Help us get that cute photo or funny video.
  • Special events - Special Events Volunteers represent the Hutchinson Anmial Shelter at off-site events. Some events help raise awareness about the shelter and the animals available for adoption Animal Shelter. And still others are aimed at educating the public about our mission and humane treatment of animals. Special Events Volunteers work on an “as needed” basis. 
  • Transport Animals - we send many animals to other organizations for a better chance at adoption. We need help getting them there so if you are able to use your own vehicle to transport a dog or a couple of cats just let us know!
  • Adoption assistance - come help us get the animals adopted faster! This can include paperwork, creating adoption packets or helping people with their animal visits.