Animal Control

The Animal Control Department enforces City of Hutchinson ordinances that govern the housing and care of animals. Those enforcement activities include returning stray dogs to their owners, investigating animal cruelty or neglect and violations of dangerous animal laws. An Animal Control Officer is on regular duty Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  Animal control is on an emergency basis on Sunday and Monday and after hours.

Dog License

All dogs that live in the city limits of Hutchinson need to be licensed with the city. The license must be renewed each year. You will need proof of a current rabies vaccine for the dog to obtain a license. Licenses are sold at City Hall and the Shelter.


  • Altered dog with microchip $10
  • Altered dog without microchip $15
  • Unaltered dog with microchip $45
  • Unaltered dog without microchip $50

Where to Get License

  • Hutchinson Animal Shelter
  • City Hall

City Ordinance

View the City Ordinances (PDF).