Lost or Found Animal

Did you lose a pet or find a lost animal? The Hutchinson Animal Shelter keeps reports of lost and found animals that are not in the shelter so we can better assist the community find their lost animals.

How it Works

The first step is to visit the shelter and make sure the animal is not already in the shelter. The animals listed on this page are in the shelter currently as stray animals. You should still come to the shelter in person to verify your animal is not in the shelter. You can call and we will do our best to make the match if the animal is in the shelter but please make sure you check the shelter in person. Sometimes breeds and colors look different to different people. We suggest you check the shelter every three days or so also.

File a Report

You can fill out a report here and it will be sent directly to the shelter for our files. We keep all reports on file for 30 days. Please fill out as much as possible on the report.

There is a place in the report to add a picture of the animal. This is optional but is the best way for us to help reunite you with your lost family member.

You can also call the shelter and fill out a report on the phone or in person. Again we suggest you come to the shelter to see the animals we have for yourself.

Lost Animals

The following animals are lost and looking for their owners. If you have any information on them please contact the shelter. The following animals are not in the shelter.