Reclaiming Your Pet

If your pet comes into the shelter as a stray there is a process to reclaim the pet.  A stray animal is defined as an animal that comes to the shelter by someone other than the owner.  All stray animals are held 3 full days to look for an owner.  After this time there is a different process to reclaim your pet so please contact the shelter in each case.

  1. You must bring a valid driver's license or photo id with you to pick up the animal.
  2. You need to bring proof of ownership for the pet (we want to make sure the pet gets back to the correct owner).  Proof of ownership can be a photo of the pet, Vet records for the pet, current city license.
  3. There will be fees associated with picking up your animal.  These fees not only help cover the costs of taking care of the animal but also help ensure the animal is up to date on all required vaccinations and license as required by city ordinance.
  4. Fees include:
    • Reclaim fee: $20
    • Boarding fee: $10 each day animal is in the shelter including the day it comes in
    • Microchip: $10 if the animal is not already micro-chipped it will be before it leaves the shelter
    • Rabies vaccine: $30 if the animal is not current on Rabies vaccination.  City Ordinance requires all pets to be current on Rabies vaccinations.
    • City Tag: All dogs in the city limits of Hutchinson must have a current City Tag.  The fees vary: $10 if altered and $45 if not altered.

Situations can be different so the above fees may vary.  Please contact the shelter to discuss fees.