Relinquishing Your Pet

Having to find your pet a new home is heart breaking but sometimes life forces this difficult decision.  We suggest you look for other options before bringing an animal to the shelter since we are often overloaded with animals.  The shelter services the City of Hutchinson and if room allows in the shelter animals from Reno County.

When relinquishing an animal to the shelter we do our best to place animals up for adoption but this will depend on the health and behavior of the animal while it is at the shelter.  Please remember that animals behavior differently in a shelter environment than they do in your home.


To help us take care of your animal we ask for a surrender fee:

  • $30 per animal
  • $50 per litter

More Information

Please call the shelter at 620-694-1924 in advance of bringing your animal in to discuss fees and space in the shelter.