Barn Cat Program

Want to save a cat's life and help control your rodent population at the same time?! If you have a barn, warehouse or other outdoor structure we have some cats for you! Hutchinson Animal Shelter often takes in formerly outdoor cats, semi-feral and feral (wild) cats that are not companion animals for a household but would make excellent barn cats.

Generally these cats will be cats that are not used to being handled by humans, are independent and will probably keep their distance. These are not pets. Over time the level of interaction between the humans on the property and the cats may change as they get more comfortable with you.

Adopt a Barn Cat

Who are Barn Cats?

Cats in our Barn Cat program fall into one of two categories:

1. Cats who are social but too feisty in interactions with people here at the Animal Shelter

2. Cats who are shy or fearful of people, and who prefer the company of other cats and animals.

Please note, we do not adopt cats who are suitable to be household companions to barns, only those cats without other options.

You can change the life of a cat in need

You can help a cat who has nowhere else to go. If you have a working barn or other structure, there are cats who need you! Having a barn cat will help keep down the rodent population. The cats will be helping you, while you provide them a safe place to live. And, because these cats are already spayed or neutered, you won't have to worry about litters of kittens appearing!

Where can a barn cat go to work for you? Here are some examples:








What We Provide

We spay or neuter and vaccinate all of our barn cats. At the time of adoption, we will go over with you how to acclimate your new cat to their new setting.

What You Provide

Shelter in a barn, garage, warehouse, outbuilding, stable, warehouse, winery or brewery.

Daily food and water (cats cannot live on mice alone).

Long-term veterinary care.

A secure place to keep the cat for the first couple of weeks while she acclimates to her new setting. This should be an enclosure like a tack or feed room.

Black Cat in a Barn